Txt Back 1.0

Txt Back 1.0 Screenshot Allows you to view a log file or CSV file from the bottom.

Developer:   Alex Nolan
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Price:  0.00
License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Allows you to view a log file or CSV file from the bottom. It's written as a console application so that it is small and can be used over a VPN or dialup network. This saves you having to completely load a very large log or CSV file in order to see the latest information which is normally at the bottom.

You can specify how many lines you want to read from the file or it will read the entire file backwards.

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Txt Back 1.0 screenshot

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Txt Back 1.0 Txt Back 1.0
Alex Nolan

Allows you to view a log file or CSV file from the bottom.

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