Swap Machine

Swap Machine Screenshot Swap Machine is a keyboard shortcut manager with advanced functionnality.

Developer:   Daxoft
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Swap Machine is a keyboard shortcut manager with advanced functionnality.

It is already set up to save time if you have more than one PC!

And all shortcuts are fully customizable so you won't have problems working with it.

Swap Machine features
  • Alt-Q: Tile all Windows
  • Alt-V: Clipboard history
  • Alt-X: Focus next window
  • Alt-S: Focus previous window
  • Ctrl-Alt-W: Send window to next screen on multiple displays systems
  • Ctrl-Alt-Q: Customisable panic key
  • Ctrl-Alt-R: Kill and restart "explorer.exe"
  • Ctrl-Alt-Z: Maximize or restore foreground window
  • Ctrl-Alt-+: Change screen resolution
  • Ctrl-Alt-C: Calculator
  • Ctrl-Alt-X: Command line
  • Ctrl-Alt-P: Microsoft Paint
  • Ctrl-W: Copy word under cursor
  • Middle click: paste under mouse

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