Power Search 1.0

Power Search 1.0 Screenshot Power Search finds files you never knew existed in your CD-ROM/disk, but always wanted.

Developer:   K. Ranjith
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Power Search finds files you never knew existed in your CD-ROM/disk, but always wanted.

Power Search replaces corrupted versions of system files by first identifying where they exist from the available system cab files and save reinstallation time of a system program.

Power Search identifies large sized files that are stored more than once on the available archives, delete copies from archives and save disk space.

Power Search finds files _inside_ the_archive files on your system, fast.

Which means you can not only find files that hide inside a compressed archive file but can also help find files you never knew you had, within the magazine CD's for example.

So the next timewhen a system file is corrupted, just find out with Power Search, which CAB file contains this system file from the windows installation CD, instead of manually examining each CAB file for the same.

Power Search features
  • Supports upto 9 formats including all widely used formats like Zip, Cab, Rar etc.
  • Fast search of files.
  • Multiple file searches & on multiple directories in a single search.
  • Display of other useful info about a matching entry like file Size (as in archive) and complete path if available.
  • User friendly with hint messages, status messages etc.
  • Matched archives can be launched from the program itself.
  • Normal files & directories can be included in search.
  • Complete Delphi 4 source code included!

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    Authors software

    Power Search 1.0 Power Search 1.0
    K. Ranjith

    Power Search finds files you never knew existed in your CD-ROM/disk, but always wanted.

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    Power Search finds files you never knew existed in your CD-ROM/disk, but always wanted.

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