MountVD 4.0.30

MountVD 4.0.30 Screenshot MountVD is a virtual drive mounter.

Developer:   Walker Brothers
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MountVD is a virtual drive mounter. Once installed - using Windows Explorer (or such like browser) right-click on any folder and select 'Mount Virtual Drive'. Choose a drive letter and the folder will then be mounted as a drive.

To unmount right-click on the drive letter and select 'Unmount Virtual Drive'.

A list of previous mounts will be displayed, clear the list or remount with right mouse click.

If the drive still exists after unmounting it, either it is not a mounted drive or a file/app is holding it open.

Mount from Win startup: Set a list of folders to mount, along with their drive letters - and the next time windows boots they will be automaticaly mounted.


1. Right-Click on folder in explorer and select mount.
Select the drive letter and mount.

2. Mount on win startup will mount a selected folder to a drive letter when run from the startup menu with the switch /ini.

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MountVD 4.0.30 screenshot

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MountVD 4.0.30 MountVD 4.0.30
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MountVD is a virtual drive mounter.

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