littleGuard 1.2

littleGuard 1.2 Screenshot Protect your computer from little fingers,with littleGuard freeware.

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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Protect your computer from little fingers,with littleGuard freeware. littleGuard is a simple yet effective program that disables your mouse and 98% of keyboard functions.

Includes un-install.
Designed to protect your computer from little fingers. (those that can't read yet) A fake screen is activated with littleGuard. For Windows 98,ME,2000 and XP. Download the free software now.

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littleGuard 1.2 screenshot

Download littleGuard 1.2

 Download littleGuard 1.2

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littleGuard 1.2 littleGuard 1.2

Protect your computer from little fingers,with littleGuard freeware.

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