KeyNote 1.6.5

KeyNote 1.6.5 Screenshot Keynote is a flexible, multi-featured tabbed notebook, based on Windows standard RichEdit control.

Developer:   Marek Jedlinski
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Keynote is a flexible, multi-featured tabbed notebook, based on Windows standard RichEdit control. It's always accessible with a single keypress, even if you work in another application.

The basic idea in KeyNote is that you can include many separate notes within a single file. This means that you do not need to open several files - for most purposes it is enough to create only one file and hold all your notes inside it. With the addition of the tree-type notes, you now have a three-dimensional notebook: many notes within one file and a multi-level, nested pages within a single note. Optionally, KeyNote can encrypt your data securely using the Blowfish or Idea algorithms. Keynote's interface and behavior are extremely configurable.

KeyNote was written to overcome major limitations in other popular information managers, both free and shareware. KeyNote is the only information manager that gives users combination of simple and tree-type notes, rich text editor, ability to mix freely many notes of different types in a single file and secure encryption. This makes KeyNote the most flexible and one of the most powerful applications of this kind currently available. Some functions, such as "virtual nodes", per-file configuration settings, multiple backups or WordWeb integration are unique and, to my knowledge, not supported by any other notebook program, freeware or shareware.

With powerful text formatting capabilities, easily navigable interface and additional features such as styles, macros, plugins, and templates, KeyNote is has become the favorite note keeper, diary, outliner, knowledge base and information manager for thousands of users.

KeyNote features
  • personal information management
  • personal diary or journal
  • to-do items
  • scratchpad for quick notes and ideas
  • writing and structuring small articles or larger documents
  • Creating and storing electronic texts (easily structure chapters or sections)
  • outlines, projects
  • project documentation
  • reports
  • recipes
  • personal contacts (addresses, telephone numbers)
  • accounts, passwords, PIN numbers (remember to encrypt the file!)
  • Internet bookmarks (clickable hyperlinks)
  • all kinds of lists! If you collect books, CDs, DVDs, or just your favorite quotes or jokes, KeyNote makes it easy to store them in one place and search through them quickly.
  • email archives (you can use the separate, free KNTConvert utility to import your email archives into a KeyNote file)
  • archiving documents, such as articles downloaded from the Internet or local files
  • templates for creating documents with a standard format
  • viewing log files (use virtual nodes to view log files without having to open each file separately)
  • for teachers: class notes, student attendance and assessment notes
  • for programmers: KeyNote is great for storing and searching through source code archives

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    KeyNote 1.6.5 KeyNote 1.6.5
    Marek Jedlinski

    Keynote is a flexible, multi-featured tabbed notebook, based on Windows standard RichEdit control.

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