Kapsules 0.9.9

Kapsules 0.9.9 Screenshot Kapsules is desktop widget engine for Microsoft Windows.

Developer:   Andrew Powell
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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Kapsules is desktop widget engine for Microsoft Windows.
What's a widget you say?

A widget is like a miniature application which rests on your desktop. Widgets can do all sorts of things.

A widget could show you the current weather conditions, display news from your favorite website, or even check your email for you.

Kapsules makes use of the Microsoft Active Scripting Engine, which is a part of Windows.

Using this built-in scripting engine, Kapsules can allow widgets to be written in a multitude of scripting languages, provided that a user has a language's add-on engine installed.

That being said, widgets can make use of a certain languages strengths, weaknesses, and special features. Kapsules does not limit a developer to what language they can use!

  • Microsoft .NET Version 1.1 Runtimes
  • Microsoft Scripting

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    Kapsules 0.9.9 screenshot

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    Andrew Powell

    Kapsules is desktop widget engine for Microsoft Windows.

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