HotKey Manager 1.70

HotKey Manager 1.70 Screenshot HotKey Manager is a free and useful tool that comes with many features.

Developer:   KillProg
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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HotKey Manager is a free and useful tool that comes with many features.

HotKey Manager features
  • Volume level Default:Win+[UP, DOWN]
  • Winamp control. Winamp 3/5 supported. Default:Ctrl+Alt+[B,N,C,X]
  • Logoff,Reboot, Shutdown, -Ctrl+Alt+[L,R,S], Hibernate, Suspend
  • Startup/activation of applications, internet shortcuts, documents by hotkeys (up to 128)
  • Hide windows to tray by pressing minimize button with right button or hotkey.
  • Always on top for any window by pressing on maximize button with right button or hotkey.
  • Kill any process by pressing right button on close or hotkey.
  • Can change transparensy level for any window by hotkey or pressing SHIFT+right button on maximize/minimize.
  • Up to 8 virtual desktops under NT/2/XP under different user's accounts and with different screen resolution.
  • Desktop switch panel with skins witch may also used as clock, allowing to free place in sysem tray area.
  • XScroll mode allows scroll non-active windows without activating it.
  • Clipboard stack (up to 8 text clipboards in stack).
  • Cycle mouse mode automatically sets mouse position to opposite screen side like MacOs.
  • Hot switch between applications in system tray under Win'2/XP
  • Can automatically change applications priority and window transparency level on create
  • Desktop lock with password
  • Dial-up connections hang-up by hotkey.
  • Quick re-enter text in incorrect language layout with layout exchange.
  • Execute command from clipboard
  • XMove mode allows move any window from any point with pressed Alt key.
  • Quick changing priority of any window's process by hotkey
  • Scroll any window by pressing right button and moving mouse
  • Autotext feature allows predefenite entering text strings by hotkeys (up to 128)
  • Allow using of extended keys of multimedia-keyboards in hotkeys combinations
  • Multilanguage customizable interface

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    HotKey Manager 1.70 screenshot

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    HotKey Manager 1.70 HotKey Manager 1.70

    HotKey Manager is a free and useful tool that comes with many features.

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