BHead 5.0.1

BHead 5.0.1 Screenshot You are able to save KEYWORDS and PAGE DESCRIPTION.

Developer:   Mino Studio
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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You are able to save KEYWORDS and PAGE DESCRIPTION. Create the most common Style Sheets very easily with a simple mouse click, as well, be able to create your own classes, HTML Tags are customizable.

Then you can save it as a CSS file or copy it to Windows' clipboard and paste it on your favorite HTML Editor which you can run within BHead. You can also create and save HTML file.

This software is created for those who do not know about HTML code, but he (or she) would like to make better looking homepage easier. This program makes easy to publish your additional information about your homepage. Between the tags and .

tags can  

BHead 5.0.1 screenshot

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 Download BHead 5.0.1

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BHead 5.0.1 BHead 5.0.1
Mino Studio

You are able to save KEYWORDS and PAGE DESCRIPTION.

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You are able to save KEYWORDS and PAGE DESCRIPTION.

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