a-squared Command Line Scanner

a-squared Command Line Scanner Screenshot Freeware! This program is a console application to scan your PC.

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Freeware! This program is a console application to scan your PC. It was made for professionals who don't need a setup or graphical user interface. All features of the Anti-Malware scanner are included.

Malware scanner that removes Trojans, Worms, Dialers, Spyware/Adware, TrackingCookies and Spyware Traces in the Registry and at the harddisk.

Your PC will be protected from:

Trojans, Backdoors, Keyloggers, Rootkits
Trojans and Backdoors provide strangers with access to your PC. Once a Backdoor is installed, an attacker can take full control of your computer. A Trojan is best described as a piece of software pretending to be something it is not - they often contain Backdoors, and usually arrive as email attachments. A Keylogger is a type of Malware that invisibly records all keyboard activity, whereas Rootkits hide on your PC and manipulate internal system operations. a-squared Anti-Malware specializes in recognizing and eliminating these types of Malware.

Worms, Bots
Worm viruses are currently one of the most irritating phenomena on the Internet. Usually transmitted as dangerous email attachments, worms send copies of themselves to all reachable destinations and cause great damage. Newer network worms/bots use security holes (Exploits) to infect a PC, and can reproduce at an astonishing speed. Without your knowledge, your PC is essentially transformed into a spam-sending zombie! a-squared Anti-Malware eliminates worms from your PC and prevents them from doing any further damage. The Malware-IDS also blocks attacks that security holes for which no patches currently exist, so-called zero-day attacks.

Dialers are small programs that change the Internet access number of a modem-equipped computer to a much more expensive number. Costs can rise as high as several hundred dollars per dial attempt. a-squared Anti-Malware prevents Dialers from becoming active.

Spyware, Adware
Your personal data and information is worth a great deal of money to certain advertising companies. They have no qualms about smuggling software into your system, recording information and spying on everything you do. Adverts that change the start page of your browser also belong in the Spyware/Adware category. a-squared Anti-Malware completely removes Spyware from your PC. Traces of Spyware in the Registry and Tracking Cookies are also recognized.

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a-squared Command Line Scanner screenshot

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a-squared Command Line Scanner a-squared Command Line Scanner
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Freeware! This program is a console application to scan your PC.

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