SmoothWheel Screenshot Scrolls the document smoothly when scrolling the mouse wheel.

Developer:   Avi Halachmi
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Scrolls the document smoothly when scrolling the mouse wheel.

Basically an enhanced and configurable version of the built in smooth-scroll. Uses some unique algorithms for smoothness and adaptive behaviour (scrolls fast or slow according to the "intention" of the user).

SmoothWheel will allow you to read long web pages easily. You can actually read WHILE scrolling. Kind of like the credits at the end of a movie, but controlled by scrolling the mouse wheel. Works with text-boxes and drop-down boxes too. To configure in Mozilla, enter in the address bar: chrome://smoothwheel/content/prefoverlay.xul .

And just in case anyone uses it for full page scroll, don't forget to set "Adaptive-Step" on the advanced configuration panel to [DISABLED]. IMPO

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