MemDefrag 2.rev.3032

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Developer:   Bernt Levinsson's
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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MemDefrag 1.1 is a console application that defragment windows memory. Users that can have advantage of this application can be user who runs real-time synth applications on "slow" computers with "low" memory(64MB), before running the applications. A person I know told me that the "FruityLoop" stopped "hacking" if he run MemDefrag before he starts FruityLoops Pro...


MemDefrag 2.rev.3032 screenshot

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MemDefrag 2.rev.3032 MemDefrag 2.rev.3032
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MemDefrag 2.rev.3032 MemDefrag 2.rev.3032
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