Universal Print 0.3.8

Universal Print 0.3.8 Screenshot Universal Print is a Firefox Extension that will add much needed functionality to the Firefox browser.

Developer:   Y. Harrow
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Universal Print is a Firefox Extension that will add much needed functionality to the Firefox browser. Ever have a series of tabs open and wish that there was a way you could print all your tabs in one shot? Wish no more. Universal Print will do just that and print all open tabs with just the click of a button.

Well, not exactly all in one shot. What actually happens is Universal Print offers you an option to Print or Print & Close all the tabs in a window, goes to the first tab, opens the print dialog, and then cycles through the rest of the open tabs Printing or Printing and Closing.

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Universal Print 0.3.8 screenshot

Download Universal Print 0.3.8

 Download Universal Print 0.3.8

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Universal Print is a Firefox Extension that will add much needed functionality to the Firefox browser.

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