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SystemAI 1.5 Screenshot Celceo SystemAI makes your computer self-healing by continuously optimizing it for the applications you use.

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Celceo SystemAI makes your computer self-healing by continuously optimizing it for the applications you use.

Celceo SystemAI is the first software to learn about your computer and optimize it individually. SystemAI's Collective Intelligence algorithm determines the ideal environment for individual applications by analyzing program performance across all Celceo-enabled computers.

It then integrates custom optimizations into your system according to your applications and settings, ensuring peak performance without requiring any knowledge or input from you. SystemAI evolves with your computer to create the first truly self-healing system.

Celceo SystemAI solves these problems by optimizing your computer specifically for the applications you use. SystemAI analyzes application performance across all Celceo-enabled computers using its Collective Intelligence algorithm, generating custom optimizations that maximize your applications performance and stability. SystemAI continuously tailors its optimizations as your applications change, constantly evolving to meet your needs.

SystemAI makes your computer self-healing by:

  • Continuously optimizing your computer for the applications you use.
  • Applying custom improvements that correct software slowdowns and crashes.
  • Creating the ideal environment for your applications so they can work together smoothly and efficiently.
  • Evolving with your computer to continually provide custom optimizations.

    SystemAI features
    Revolutionary technology makes your computer self-healing

  • Corrects software crashes and slowdowns
  • Tunes system resources for speed
  • Customizes optimizations for your computer and applications
  • Continuously tailors its solutions as your applications and needs change
    Complete, customized solutions

  • Monitors your applications as they run to exactly identify their needs and problems
  • Generates optimizations that are specific to your needs using Celceo's Collective Intelligence algorithm
  • Covers every aspect of your applications including files, registry keys and configuration settings

    Care packs fix common issues

  • Defragments frequently used files
  • Intelligently deletes leftover files from uninstalled applications
  • Removes broken file links
  • Care packs introduced and updated automatically


    If you want to enjoy more features and maximum usability you should upgrade from the Free version to the Full version.

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    SystemAI 1.5 screenshot

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    SystemAI 1.5 SystemAI 1.5

    Celceo SystemAI makes your computer self-healing by continuously optimizing it for the applications you use.

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    Celceo SystemAI makes your computer self-healing by continuously optimizing it for the applications you use.

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