Light Note 2.1

Light Note 2.1 Screenshot Light Note is a useful, free and reliable new concept of writing and managing notes.

Developer:   Hasan Shahriar Masud
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Light Note is a useful, free and reliable new concept of writing and managing notes.
The aim of Light Note is to make an easy and useful interface, which would
allow any computer users. Note doesn't necessary to be just few lines of text. Appointment, reminders, task, contacts, secret information can be treating as notes. Light note is the future for all these necessities in a single interface.

Writing notes is a common task to do any type of work with the computer. The note should not be so heavy like word processor nor should it be less useful like notepad. I think Microsoft did not designed notepad for use. So, many third party notepad is available. Most of the time we don't find any application which helps to write a simple note. We may not feel to run an application like MS-Word. So, we use notepad or similar product. If the content of the note is not good enough then we may not feel to save it. Even if we save it filename is another problem. So, I felt the writting note in a document editing software is not always useful. I needed a notepad application which will be more useful then notepad. I should be managed by itself. Because most of the times I write some note in notepad and close it without saving it. Even if I saved it I hardly re-open it. Sometimes I look for a note I’ve written earlier. But failed to locate. So, I had written Light Note 1.0 and released in my site. I got a huge response and requirements from the user of Light Note 1.0. So, I released Light Note 2.0, which is more useful, user friendly and powerfull note application I found so far.

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Light Note is a useful, free and reliable new concept of writing and managing notes.

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