IEditor 1.3

IEditor 1.3 Screenshot IEditor application allows users to view and edit the text or content of the viewed HTML page from the Internet Explorer.

Developer:   Igor Tolmachev
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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IEditor application allows users to view and edit the text or content of the viewed HTML page from the Internet Explorer.

IEditor integrates directly into the Internet Explorer workspace and displays page HTML source.

The information displayed by IEditor is quite different from the information you get from the standard "View Source" popup menu. The Internet Explorer MSHTML component will parse the downloaded page and add its own tags, close unclosed tags and even remove tags which violate its parser logic.

The information revealed by selecting the "View Source" popup menu is gathered after the Internet Explorer has parsed it, so it's always different from the original.

IEditor always displays original code of current web page, so users can easily see how any Internet page is really built.

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IEditor 1.3 screenshot

Download IEditor 1.3

 Download IEditor 1.3

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