IE Count Text 1.0

IE Count Text 1.0 Screenshot Installing IE Count Text adds a new "Count Text" item to Microsoft Internet Explorer's context menus.

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Installing IE Count Text adds a new "Count Text" item to Microsoft Internet Explorer's context menus. Right-clicking inside any text entry form field produces the context menu. Clicking the "Count Text" item from that menu opens a small window displaying how many lines, words, and characters are contained in that field.

IE Count Text is great for software developers or web site promoters who regularly submit program or site descriptions to directories that limit how many words or characters can be entered. No more wasting time and getting sore eyes trying to count the text the old way!

If the IE Count Text window is open and happens to get buried under other windows, the same window is reused, brought back to the top, and it's contents updated should you click the "Count Text" menu item again.

The program is completely safe to use and does not alter I.E.'s program file or hinder it's performance in any way. Though the IE Count Text window is a little web browser window, all of its content is processed and loaded locally from YOUR computer. Your text is not sent anywhere else for processing so your privacy is NOT compromised.

Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later.

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IE Count Text 1.0 screenshot

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