EGRichEd 1.0

EGRichEd 1.0 Screenshot EGRichEd is a small tool designed to be a Text and RTF editor.

Developer:   Eitan Giboa
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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EGRichEd is a small tool designed to be a Text and RTF editor.

EGRichEd features
  • Bi-Lingual text and RTF editor (English-French)
  • Converts to and from ANSI (Windows) and OEM (DOS) ASCII codes
  • Line numbering on/off
  • Strip all HTML codes from file
  • Global Search and Replace with or without case sensitivity
  • Fonts, alignments, colors for the whole text or selections only
  • Menu, Speed-key and toolbar for all commands.
  • Toolbar can have "old" (buttons) or "new" (flat) aspect

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    EGRichEd 1.0 screenshot

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    EGRichEd 1.0 EGRichEd 1.0
    Eitan Giboa

    EGRichEd is a small tool designed to be a Text and RTF editor.

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