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Document Rearranger 1 Screenshot Document Rearranger can do what other advanced text editor (even Microsoft Word) can't.

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Document Rearranger can do what other advanced text editor (even Microsoft Word) can't. It will restore the text in a document that has been formatted with a broken line/row.

You know the files that have two short rows because they were formatted for other pages layout than A4/L8. Also if you try to copy/paste text from PDF documents to Word you may obtain truncated/short lines.

This software will detect premature line ends and will fix them (will merge the broken rows).

Document Rearranger features
  • semi transparency
  • the possibility to detect premature row's end in three ways
  • automatically save the file
  • it has integrated Help as tooltips

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    Document Rearranger 1 screenshot

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