Copier Screenshot COPIER is useful utility.

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COPIER is useful utility. The program was initially created for reserve copying files. But "has grown up" and became the powerful tool for processing a plenty of files. Now the program can make samples of files on masks, and then copy, move or delete those files. Also archiving is supported. All this is represented as a set of tasks. Tasks can be united in groups.

COPIER executes tasks consistently (from top to down). It is possible to move tasks by mouse both to other groups, and in one group for change about an arrangement. Those tasks which are allocated are processed only. At allocation of tasks it is possible to use the mouse and keys Ctrl and Shift. At selection of group, all tasks located in it will be selected.

Simple constant copying of the information is the best protection against its loss. COPIER - the program for daily use. COPIER can process files, folders and the whole disks. At repeated copying those files which have been updated (the program are replaced only verifies the original and a copy on dates). It also reaches the big speed at daily copying files.

The program can be applied and to removal of unnecessary or temp files from any folders of the disks. For example, files *.gid or Readme.txt.

Be extremely cautious at creation of tasks for removal. Files and folders leave irrevocably, not to the Recycle Bin. Also it is not recommended to use COPIER, if you sometimes change time on your computer to avoid replacement of really new files really old.

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Copier Copier

COPIER is useful utility.

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