ClipClear 3.2.0

ClipClear 3.2.0 Screenshot ClipClear is a tiny application that just clears your clipboard contents.

Developer:   Moon Software
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ClipClear is a tiny application that just clears your clipboard contents. It installs itself into the tray area (near the clock) and allows you to clear the clipboard by just clicking on its icon.

Why? If you work with large data massives (images, audio, video etc) and copy them to the clipboard for transferring from one application to another, then, after pasting the info to another application, the data usually remains in the clipboard too, taking up a lot of memory resources. Clearing the data from the clipboard frees this memory.

ClipClear's icon changes its appearance if there is something in the clipboard. You can also launch Windows Clipboard Viewer through ClipClear easily.

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ClipClear 3.2.0 screenshot

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ClipClear is a tiny application that just clears your clipboard contents.

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