Browser Extension Manager 1.0.3

Browser Extension Manager 1.0.3 Screenshot You know the feeling.

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You know the feeling. You've installed an Internet Explorer add-on or two, kept some, uninstalled the rest, and now... Something's not quite right. You've extra options on your right-click menu that don't belong. Buttons on your toolbar left over from the unwanted applications. Or maybe the default Search options don't work any more.

The Browser Extension Manager can help you take back control, fix these and many other common problems.

Browser Extension Manager features
  • Selectively disable ActiveX Controls. Some ActiveX controls can be a security risk, but do you really want to disable all of them? No? Then use Browser Extension Manager to kill the offending control only -- it's much easier than the manual method.
  • Remove Internet Explorer branding. Get rid of those annoying graphics and window capti

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    Browser Extension Manager 1.0.3 screenshot

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    Browser Extension Manager 1.0.3 Browser Extension Manager 1.0.3

    You know the feeling.

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