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I+ Installer Lite I+ Installer Lite
Alexandru Groza

By using advanced graphical controls, this program helps you easy create installation kits for any computer data (for purpose of this section data means primarily software).

Pocket PC Installation Creator 1.5 Pocket PC Installation Creator 1.5
Aperitto Software

Pocket PC Installation Creator will simplify installation creation files for Pocket PC Devices.

QuickInstall 2.0 QuickInstall 2.0
Colin Laplace

QuickInstall is a powerful installation creator for your applications.

Little Install Builder 1.0 Little Install Builder 1.0
Pablo Software Solutions

There are a lot of setup applications available, but I found that their code may add more than 250KB to the total size of the final setup application, and because most of my applications are not much bigger than 100KB, I decided to write my own installation builder.

Installation maker 1.0 Installation maker 1.0

Installation maker is free software for creating installers.

Install Wizard 3.0 Install Wizard 3.0
Stephane Faucourt

Deploy any application, or files or settings and target any Windows platform.

Instawel Setup Suite 1.0 beta Instawel Setup Suite 1.0 beta
JC van der Wel

Instawel Setup Suite is a useful and easy-to-use Setup suite.

.INF File Generator Gold 3.0 .INF File Generator Gold 3.0


.INF File Generator 3.0 .INF File Generator 3.0


Xenoage Java Exe Starter 2.0 Xenoage Java Exe Starter 2.0

In Java you can generate executable jar-files but most Windows users are only familiar with exe files.

Levent's Setup Maker 1.0 Levent's Setup Maker 1.0
Levent Baykan

Levent's Setup Maker is a setup maker for VB developers, quite simple and fast, will add your software to the Add/Remove list and also includes an uninstaller.

ZipInstaller 1.21 ZipInstaller 1.21
Nir Sofer

The ZipInstaller utility installs and uninstalls programs and utilities that do not provide an internal installation application.

IzPack 3.9.0 IzPack 3.9.0
Julien Ponge

IzPack is an installers generator for the Java platform.

Excelsior Installer 2.2 Excelsior Installer 2.2

Excelsior Installer helps you create installation packages for your Windows applications.

Setup Maker 1.0 Setup Maker 1.0
Shashank Tulsyan

Setup maker is a small, Java setup creator built using the Java Development kit 6.

Granot Installer 1.0 Granot Installer 1.0
Thailand Photo Album

Granot Installer is an easy installer for distributors to share stand alone .

Inno Setup Compiler 5.1.9 Inno Setup Compiler 5.1.9
Jordan Russell

Inno Setup Compiler is a free installer for Windows programs.

GlassWorks 1.0 GlassWorks 1.0
Hayden Legendre

GlassWorks is a free and powerful install builder tool which provides a user friendly system for deploying applications on multiple platforms.

JSmooth 0.9.9-2 JSmooth 0.9.9-2
Rodrigo Reyes

JSmooth is a Java Executable Wrapper that makes a standard Windows executable binary (.

Kurumix 0.3.1 Kurumix 0.3.1

Kurumix is a java based program for creating self-extracting installation packages through a very easy to use GUI.

Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1.4000.2435 Redistributable Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1.4000.2435 Redistributable
Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Windows Installer is an installation and configuration service that ships as part of the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system, and is provided as a redistributable product for Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/NT.

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System 2.25 Nullsoft Scriptable Install System 2.25

Nullsoft Installation System is a pretty small, efficient and very capable installation system for all Windows based systems.

Inno Setup 5.1.11 Inno Setup 5.1.11
Jordan Rusell

Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs.

EasyPHP 2.0 Beta 1 EasyPHP 2.0 Beta 1
Thierry Murail

EasyPHP is a complete software package allowing to use all the power and the flexibility that offers the dynamic language PHP and the effecient use of databases under Windows.

MAKEMSI 06.215 MAKEMSI 06.215
Dennis Bareis

MAKEMSI is a freeware tool which allows you to quickly and automatically create MSI based installers.