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P.O.K. is a great application that will provide you with a different sense of security when your kids are online. P.O.K. will help prevent your children meeting people in person when chatting or communicating online. P.O.K. can also be configured to track web page usage and keystrokes that are entered by your children while they are using the internet.

The P.O.K. software will allow you to protect your children and prevent them from giving out personal information or making arrangements to meet others in person from online websites, blogs and forums.

Suppose your children meet someone online and they attempt to meet that person by suggesting they should meet face to face the P.O.K. software will lock the internet connection on the computer until it is unlocked by a parent or guardian. P.O.K. looks for key phrases that someone would use if they were attempting to meet in person such as, "lets meet", "lets hook up", "my address is", "my phone number is", "where do you want to meet", etc. and instantly lock the internet connection.

The internet will stay locked until a parent or guardian provides the correct password to unlock it. Even if the computer is restarted the internet will remain locked until a parent or guardian provides the correct password.

Stop you children from meeting potentially dangerous people in person today.

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P.O.K. (Protect Our Kids) 1.2 screenshot

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P.O.K. (Protect Our Kids) 1.2 P.O.K. (Protect Our Kids) 1.2


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