Execute This! 1.3.0

Execute This! 1.3.0 Screenshot Execute This is a lightweight remote execution tool.

Developer:   Cyntrigal
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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Execute This is a lightweight remote execution tool. Execute This! will allow you to execute any program on multiple computers throughout your company. Whether you wish to target executions for a few computers or target your entire organization Execute This! will do the job.

The tool provides the ability to execute remote programs as well as, the ability to copy a program to your remote computers before executing it. Excellent for quick fixes and patches for all of your company PCs.

A powerful tool that has been designed for Windows NT/2 and XP PCs. No additional client or server software is required to utilize Execute This!

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Execute This! 1.3.0 screenshot

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Execute This! 1.3.0 Execute This! 1.3.0

Execute This is a lightweight remote execution tool.

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