Ycopy 1.0a

Ycopy 1.0a Screenshot Ycopy is a free data migration application.

Developer:   Ruahine.com Software
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Ycopy is a free data migration application. In short it is a program that helps you copy data from one disk to another.

Intended for use by computer technicians, IT people or anyone routinely faced with the task of trying to copy data from a client or colleagues old drive to a new one.

When Ycopy encounters files or folders that it cannot copy, it adds them to a printable report, and then continues copying the other files.

Unlike regular windows copy functions which just stop leaving you with the time consuming task of poring over directories and files to find out where the copy was up to, skip the affected files, and then proceed on to copy the rest of the data.

When the copy completes you then have the option of printing a report of all the files that could not be copied.

You can then give this to the client, and say “we managed to copy all your data except for these files”.

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Ycopy 1.0a screenshot

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Ycopy 1.0a Ycopy 1.0a
Ruahine.com Software

Ycopy is a free data migration application.

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Ycopy 1.0a Ycopy 1.0a
Ruahine.com Software

Ycopy is a free data migration application.

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