SpeedSim Screenshot SpeedSim is a battle simulator for oGame with a lot of special functions.

Developer:   Nicolas Hoft
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SpeedSim is a battle simulator for oGame with a lot of special functions. It combines usefulness with speed and accuracy. The simulator offers extensive features and there should be nothing you're missing.

SpeedSim supports multiple simulations. This is an important feature because in OGame's battle system the coincidence has an important role and so every fight ends differently.

In order to keep risks to a minimum you can simulate the battle several times. SpeedSim then calculates automatically the average losses. Additionally there exists the possibility to take a look at the best and worst case scenario.

SpeedSim features
  • The simulation is cancelable.
  • SpeedSim supports reading espionage reports, overviews, battle reports, your own fleet and defense.
  • The simulator uses exacly the same combat system as used by OGame.
  • save and load your fleet, defense, technologies
  • SpeedSim supports skinning.

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    SpeedSim is a battle simulator for oGame with a lot of special functions.

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