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SafeBox 1.00 Screenshot SafeBox works like the safe in your home.

Developer:   Aide Innovation Solution
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SafeBox works like the safe in your home. It encrypts and stores your valuable information in computer to prevent unauthorized person from viewing it. It also serves as a backup system for your files.

Why do I need SafeBox?
Securing PC with password and hardware lock to prevent unauthorized user to access the information in the computer provide certain level of security. However, the hard-disk, which most of the information store in, can be easily removed from the computer and access it using another computer. Hence, unauthorized user can still get the confidential information in hard-disk easily.
SafeBox automatically backup and encrypt the files from the selected folders. User have the option to allow SafeBox automatically remove the source folder upon window shut down or remove it manually. Files can be easily recovered when in need.

Please read more about SafeBox advantages and features at our website. Thank you!

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SafeBox 1.00 screenshot

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 Download SafeBox 1.00

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SafeBox 1.00 SafeBox 1.00
Aide Innovation Solution

SafeBox works like the safe in your home.

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SafeBox 1.00 SafeBox 1.00
Aide Innovation Solution

SafeBox works like the safe in your home.

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