RX2 Master Backup 1.04

RX2 Master Backup 1.04 Screenshot RX2 Master Backup is a data backup and migration tool.

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RX2 Master Backup is a data backup and migration tool. What this means is you can use the software as a normal data backup software and as a computer settings migration tool when upgrading to another computer.

The software is created to help you transfer your settings and data from the old computer to the new. This is especially useful when transferring your e-mails from one computer to another.

RX2 Master Backup features
  • scheduled backups,
  • command line interface for system administrators,
  • the ability to add any folder or file to the backup.
  • stores rollback settings and restoring to original state in any event.compression tools (up to 2GB compressed - unlimited space uncompressed)
  • password protection to protect your data.

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    RX2 Master Backup 1.04 screenshot

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    Authors software

    RX2 Master Backup 1.04 RX2 Master Backup 1.04
    pcOffice Pro

    RX2 Master Backup is a data backup and migration tool.

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    RX2 Master Backup 1.04 RX2 Master Backup 1.04
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    RX2 Master Backup is a data backup and migration tool.

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