RS3 1.0.1

RS3 1.0.1 Screenshot RSCubed (RS3) software represents a free, simple tool that sits on your desktop to display RSS feeds.

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RSCubed (RS3) software represents a free, simple tool that sits on your desktop to display RSS feeds. Designed to sit unobtrusively on your desktop, you have control over what feeds to display.

RS3 features
  • Transparency - the main window can be set to a number of different transparencies. This allows you to see through RS3 to the windows beneath; although this feature is only available for systems running Windows 2 or later.
  • System Tray - the main window can be minimised to sit in the system tray area. If you have watch words setup you can be notified by a balloon tip when RS3 enocunters a feed with your 'watched word'.
  • Watch Words - setup words that will be watched for in each of the articles in the feed. You can search in the title, the body or both. When a 'watched word' is found, RS3 can higlight the feed in a different colour, play a sound or popup a balloon tip when minimised in the system tray.
  • Colours - you get to choose your own colours! The main window and popup windows can both be configured for a different foreground and background colours. Ideal for laptop users who may prefer greater contrasting colours.
  • Drag&Drop - drag and drop support is provided so you can drag a valid URL from any source onto RS3 and add it to your collection of feeds.
  • Enable & Disable feeds - you control which feeds should be refreshed, and you can turn these on and off at ease.
  • Inegration with IE - right click on any RSS feed in Internet Explorer and you'll be presented with an option to add that feed to RS3! If you don't want this integration, you can always turn it off.
  • Sticky Windows - when you move the main window around, you can have RS3 automatically stick to the sides of the screen!

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    RS3 1.0.1 screenshot

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    RS3 1.0.1 RS3 1.0.1

    RSCubed (RS3) software represents a free, simple tool that sits on your desktop to display RSS feeds.

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    RS3 1.0.1 RS3 1.0.1

    RSCubed (RS3) software represents a free, simple tool that sits on your desktop to display RSS feeds.

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