Network Watcher 0.5

Network Watcher 0.5 Screenshot Network Watcher is windows application that helps you catalogue network computers and monitor their state.

Developer:   Hive Studios
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Network Watcher is windows application that helps you catalogue network computers and monitor their state.

It now supports (or will in near future) various notifications - desktop message, net send, mail, etc when something happens, provides you with possibility to send Wake On Lan signal to some computer.

You can use it also as a simple catalogue of your network. All data about machines is stored in XML file.

Network Watcher features
  • Easy to use windows interface
  • Manually add one computer or automatically scan some network segment
  • Organizing computers in groups
  • Import data from other people
  • Various notifications when some computer go online or offline
  • Identification of NIC vendor

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    Network Watcher 0.5 screenshot

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