MP3 Hint 2.00

MP3 Hint 2.00 Screenshot MP3 Hint is an InfoTip Shell Extension.

Developer:   Piotr Chodzinski
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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MP3 Hint is an InfoTip Shell Extension. After installation, hovering the mouse cursor above any MP3 file icon will display a hint which will contain informations extracted from the TAG of this MP3 file.

You'll see title, artist, album, year, comment, genre and track number. Also this hint will contain two additional handy informations extracted from the MP3 file: song's bitrate and duration.

This extention can be very useful when you have a lots of files with meaningless names as e.g. Track23.mp3. With help of MP3 Hint you will fast recognize any MP3 file, without necessity of loading this file into a MP3 player.

I'm sure you will appreciate advantages of this extension when you will be renaming your music files, copying choosen compositions for someone, or browsing someone's music collection in the local network - you don't need to download whole file anymore to see what song it is, just hover your mouse cursor over its icon.

If you like this program, please tell a friend about it :).

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MP3 Hint 2.00 screenshot

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MP3 Hint 2.00 MP3 Hint 2.00
Piotr Chodzinski

MP3 Hint is an InfoTip Shell Extension.

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