iPod shuffle Manager 1.00

iPod shuffle Manager 1.00 Screenshot If you are a Windows user tired of having to use iTunes to move tracks to your iPod shuffle, try out this small piece of software.

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If you are a Windows user tired of having to use iTunes to move tracks to your iPod shuffle, try out this small piece of software. It allows you to use your iPod shuffle like a regular memory stick.

You can simply copy your tracks to the iPod shuffle as-is using Windows Explorer (or any other file manager). You may copy files from any computer. Simply run this little utility, which will update the internal database of the iPod shuffle to allow playing the tracks placed on it.

iPod shuffle Manager is something that I have been using myselft since 2005 when I bought my first iPod shuffle. Although there is already a similar program called iPod shuffle Database Builder, I decided to make my software publicly available after receiving some requests to do so. People seem to be interested in the graphical user interface, which is not available in the iPod shuffle Database Builder.

First, I must warn you that when you use iPod shuffle Manager with your iPod shuffle, you cannot use iTunes to update it. But that is just what you want, isn't it to prevent iTunes from messing up your tracks ever again. Also, note that iPod shuffle Manager works only with iPod shuffle (both first and second generation), not with any other iPod models.

OK, now that you have been warned, follow these steps.

  • Plug in your iPod shuffle.
  • Wipe out everything on the iPod shuffle, including the hidden iPod_Control directory. You can do this by deleting the files manually, by formatting the drive in Windows Explorer or by running the iPod shuffle reset utility by Apple.
  • Download the iPodShuffleManager and copy it onto the iPod shuffle. You can place it in the root or in any directory

    And that's it. You are now ready to copy your favorite tracks to the iPod shuffle and run the program.

    If you want to switch back to using iTunes for some reason, simply wipe out everything on the iPod and initialize it with iTunes. Be sure to wipe out the iPod_Control directory, otherwise iTunes refuses to properly recognize the iPod.

    iPod shuffle Manager features
  • No iTunes required, not even for initializing the iPod shuffle
  • Update the iPod database on any Windows machine that supports Unicode
  • Full Unicode support, no file renaming necessary
  • Full directory support, simply copy your album directories as-is
  • Allows marking tracks as bookmarkable audiotracks
  • Supports dismounting the iPod to show battery charge status
  • Illustrative graphical user interface

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    iPod shuffle Manager 1.00 screenshot

    Download iPod shuffle Manager 1.00

     Download iPod shuffle Manager 1.00

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