ImageQuery 1.4.4

ImageQuery 1.4.4 Screenshot ImageQuery allows you to search your digital camera images, based on EXIF and IPTC meta data contained in the files.

Developer:   Armin Hanisch
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ImageQuery allows you to search your digital camera images, based on EXIF and IPTC meta data contained in the files.

It offers a SQL-like query language that provides great flexibility to find images that match even the most complex criteria.ImageQuery is a search software that search images based on meta data.

A wizard makes it easy to generate the query, using simple select options, and if you are familiar with SQL, you can also edit the query string directly.

ImageQuery does not require you to create a database, but searches your images in real-time.

The results can be viewed as thumbnails, or as a list, that can be exported to other formats. Additional features include regular expression search, multiple query buffers and an option to launch a 3rd party application (e.g your image editor) with the selected image. In addition, you can perform standard file operations, including move, copy, copy thumbnails to manage the results of your search.


  • ImageQuery not only searches EXIF data, it also supports the IPTC metadata.
  • Support for a SQL-like query language gives you complete control about searching.
  • Display result with EXIF preview images or as detailed field list.
  • ImageQuery directly reads images files, no need for a database.
  • No image file is changed or written to, ImageQuery concentrates on finding, not editing.
  • Get results in a customizable format that supports even complex output expressions.
  • Support for regular expressions in string searches, now you have the power of grep & perl at your hand.
  • Multiple query buffers, re-use older queries with a single mouse click.
  • No bloating installation, no run-times to install, one EXE is all you really need.

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