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Ifoundasound 1.01 Screenshot Ifoundasound is a software application for searching and maintaning digital audio archives.

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Ifoundasound is a software application for searching and maintaning digital audio archives.

Search through the archive, listen to the sounds and copy them to your workfolder.

Since most audio editing is now done on computers, having your sound-archive on hundreds of CDs is unpractical. A much better solution is having the sounds on a hard drive as audiofiles. Copying all your sound effects to disk will speed up your workflow significantly and make the way you work much more intuitive.

Now lets say you have ripped all your SFX-CDs to a hard drive, you will now need some way of searching and listening to these files, this is where IfoundAsound can help you.

IfoundAsound builds and index of your audiofiles and can search through them at high speed.
You can listen to each sound you find, and then copy the ones you like to your work folder.

Ifoundasound features
  • Searching
    Instead of searching through the entire harddrive for each search you make, Ifoundasound builds and index of your audiomaterial. This technique makes it very fast and leaves you in complete controll of what files should be included in your archive.
    Searching is simple. Use as many words as you need. The results will show in a list above. Double-click on one of the searchresults to audition that sound.
    If you want you can mark a sound you like so you will remember it while you listen to the others.
    Copy the files to your projects folder by simply dragging them there or using the 'copy marked' function.
    By always copying sounds to your workfolder the original is kept safe.

  • Building and maintaining the sound-archive
    You have a hard drive containing lots of audiofiles.
    The only thing that is required is that your files don’t have some abstract name (Ex. “CD2 - Track1.wav”) but have filenames with descriptions of the audio (Ex. “Footsteps - man and woman - normal.wav”). The reason for this is that it lets you combine archives produced by different companies and even include the ones you make your self. It will also help you keep you sounds organized when you edit them.

    The next steps are very simple in the main window click on “Manage Archives”
    And a new window will pop up. Select the folder you wish to scan and click on the “start update” button. IfoundAsound now searches through the folder you selected and all the subfolders. Once you updated your archive you can start working in the main window.

    The index of audiofiles is saved in a file. This lets you have multiple separate achives if you want that. The index file can be stored anywhere you want. If it is stored in a shared folder other computers running IfoundAsound can access the same archive.

  • Working in a network
    IfoundAsound can easily be set up to work in a network. There are different ways of doing this, providing different benefits. The different solutions can be braked down to these: Sharing the same archive file, sharing the same program files and sharing audio.

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    Ifoundasound 1.01 screenshot

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    Ifoundasound 1.01 Ifoundasound 1.01

    Ifoundasound is a software application for searching and maintaning digital audio archives.

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