FreeWatch 1.1

FreeWatch 1.1 Screenshot Freewatch is a very simple stopwatch software.

Developer:   Gordon Free
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Freewatch is a very simple stopwatch software.

Using FreeWatch should be fairly intuitive. Click on the Start button to begin the timer, and then click on the Stop button to stop it. The Reset button will reset the timer to zero.

The Lap button can be used to freeze intermediate readings while the timer continues on. The current time as of when the Lap button is pushed will be displayed under the main time display.

After the initial press of the Lap button, any subsequent presses will also indicate (in parenthesis) the elapsed time since the previous lap press.

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FreeWatch 1.1 screenshot

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 Download FreeWatch 1.1

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FreeWatch 1.1 FreeWatch 1.1
Gordon Free

Freewatch is a very simple stopwatch software.

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FreeWatch 1.1 FreeWatch 1.1
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Freewatch is a very simple stopwatch software.

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