FotoTagger 2.13

FotoTagger 2.13 Screenshot FotoTagger is an application for annotating JPEG images quickly and easily.

Developer:   Cogitum LC
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FotoTagger is an application for annotating JPEG images quickly and easily.

Place on an image location-specific annotation notes that point to people or other elements. Identify people and objects. Mark notable details.

Comment specific objects. Instantly find a particular person, object, or comment among image collections. Do you use Flickr? Annotate pictures with FotoTagger and upload them to your Flickr account in a few seconds.

FotoTagger annotations are preserved and converted to Flickr notes so you can edit them by using Flickr online tools. You can also download images from Flickr with Flickr notes transformed to FotoTagger annotations and edit them with FotoTagger!

Multiple image upload and download are supported. You can also enjoy other means for sharing annotated images. FotoTagger lets you publish annotated pictures to blogs at and LiveJournal, as well as share annotated images through Web and email.

Annotations do not change an original image so moving and sharing files keep annotations intact.

FotoTagger features
  • Customize font and color of annotations and callouts
  • Link annotations to Web resources
  • Identify boundaries of compound objects
  • Perform basic image editing operations, including resizing and rotation
  • Find a picture by a text typed into an annotation note
  • JPEG images are supported

  • 15 days trial

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    FotoTagger 2.13 screenshot

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    FotoTagger 2.13 FotoTagger 2.13
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    FotoTagger is an application for annotating JPEG images quickly and easily.

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