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Font Frenzy 1.5.137 Screenshot Font Frenzy - it's a fact that Windows fonts slow down your computer.

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Font Frenzy - it's a fact that Windows fonts slow down your computer. Every font that gets installed on your PC slows down the boot-up time and slows down your normal operational speed.

Many programs that you install automatically add their own set of fonts, and very soon you can end up with a frenzy of unnecessary fonts clogging up your computer. Unless you use all of these fonts regularly, they are simply wasting your system resources.

Font Frenzy™ is a free font manager with some unique features not found in any free font program. Not only will it help you to view, install, and uninstall your fonts - it can help you "defrenzy" your whole font folder and put an end to font frustration and slow boot-up times.

Font Frenzy is free. It can be downloaded completely free of charge, and all that is required to remove the "nag" screen is a simple and free registration process.

Font Frenzy™ allows you to strip away all your excess fonts and restores your system to only the fonts that are essential to Windows®, giving you the maximum performance speed possible.

Font Frenzy features
  • Save a snapshot of your fonts folder that you can use as a restore point.
  • Re-install fonts quickly and easily from a previous snapshot.
  • View your font list at any point-size using a customizable test phrase.
  • View a sample of each font in a pop-up window including every upper- and lower-case character and numbers.
  • User-friendly font manager allows you to add new fonts, delete, or unload and store selected fonts.
  • View all fonts from a specified folder.

    A Quick Guide to Font Frenzy's Main Features:
  • DeFrenzy - Removes all fonts except those originally shipped with Windows® XP, or to a previous snapshot. You can specify a folder where all removed fonts will be stored.
  • FrenzySnap - Takes a snapshot of your currently installed fonts, allowing you to later ReFrenzy back to that font configuration.
  • ReFrenzy - Guides you through installing new fonts quickly and easily, from a previous snapshot.
  • FrenzyMan - A font management tool that allows you to easily install, remove, and store your fonts.
  • FrenzyInfo - Help file and information on how to receive a free book.

  • A free unlock code can be obtained from author website by simply submitting your e-mail address. Once you have obtained this code, simply enter your information into the boxes provided and you will then have unlimited use of Font Frenzy™ and no "nag" screen wil

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    Font Frenzy 1.5.137 Font Frenzy 1.5.137
    Font Frenzy

    Font Frenzy - it's a fact that Windows fonts slow down your computer.

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