EyeBrow 1.0.1

EyeBrow 1.0.1 Screenshot EyeBrow is a free and useful image viewer utility.

Developer:   Hyriand
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EyeBrow is a free and useful image viewer utility. It currently supports bitmap images (BMP), Windows Meta Images (WMF), icons (ICO), GIF Files (GIF), JPEG Files (JPEG) and Fractal Images (FIF). It works by creating a catalog and adding files to that catalog. Then double-click on an image file to view that file.

While viewing you can press several keys (see the About window) to navigate through the images in the catalog. Also it can give you a slideshow of the images with a user-specified delay between images, of course. Some other features of EyeBrow are full-screen mode, scaling and automatic maximum aspect scaling. EyeBrow is not meant to be a fancy image viewer. It's a simple program which does a simple job the simplest way.

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EyeBrow 1.0.1 screenshot

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