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DebugView 4.64 Screenshot DebugView is a program which helps you monitor debug output on your local system, or any computer on the network that you can reach via TCP/IP.

Developer:   Mark Russinovich
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DebugView is a program which helps you monitor debug output on your local system, or any computer on the network that you can reach via TCP/IP. It is capable of displaying both kernel-mode and Win32 debug output, so you donít need a debugger to catch the debug output your applications or device drivers generate, nor do you need to modify your applications or drivers to use non-standard debug output APIs.

Under Windows 95, 98, and Me DebugView will capture output from the following sources:

Win32 OutputDebugString
Win16 OutputDebugString
Kernel-mode Out_Debug_String
Kernel-mode _Debug_Printf_Service
Under Windows NT, 2, XP, Server 2003 and Vista DebugView will capture:

Win32 OutputDebugString
Kernel-mode DbgPrint
All kernel-mode variants of DbgPrint implemented in Windows XP and Server 2003
DebugView also extracts kernel-mode debug output generated before a crash from Window NT/2/XP crash dump files if DebugView was capturing at the time of the crash.

DebugView features
  • Remote monitoring: Capture kernel-mode and/or Win32 debug output from any computer accessible via TCP/IP - even across the Internet. You can monitor multiple remote computers simultaneously. DebugView will even install its client software itself if you are running it on a Windows NT/2K system and are capturing from another Windows NT/2K system in the same Network Neighborhood.
  • Most-recent-filter lists: DebugView remembers your most recent filter selections, with an interface that makes it easy to reselect them.
  • Process ID option: Toggle the display of process IDs for Win32 debug output.
  • Clipboard copy: Select multiple lines in the output window and copy their contents to the clipboard.
  • Log-to-file: Write debug output to a file as its being captured.
  • Printing: Print all or part of captured debug output to a printer.
  • One-file payload: DebugView is implemented as one file.
  • Crash-Dump Support: DebugView can recover its buffers from a crash dump and save the output to a log file so that users can send you the output your NT driver generated right up to the time of a crash.

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