Buttonmania Screenshot An application for use to create buttons in differant styles and shapes.

Developer:   Berbt Levins
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An application for use to create buttons in differant styles and shapes. Main purpose in the beginning was to create simple button that was not bigger then 200bytes.

Well, it has expaned a bit and there's possible to create some very simple and clean buttons to complex stuff. Also built in a JavaScript code creator with a GUI.

Buttonmania allows you to easily create button images of varous styles and shapes. You can choose from a variety of available styles and customize them to your preference.

The button styles range from simple form-style web buttons to graphical shapes and 3D style push-buttons. You can add text to eaach button without having to use an additional graphics editor.

Additional features include gradient options, effect buttons, mouseover styles, Mac style buttons and more. Buttonmania also comes with a Java script helper application, that will help you to create the code for mousover effect buttons.

Interface needs some getting used to, but overall a very capable button editor.

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Download Buttonmania

 Download Buttonmania

Authors software

Buttonmania Buttonmania
Berbt Levins

An application for use to create buttons in differant styles and shapes.

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An application for use to create buttons in differant styles and shapes.

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