Winspike 1.6

Winspike 1.6 Screenshot This is a simple application that runs in the system tray.

Developer:   WheresJames Software
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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This is a simple application that runs in the system tray. When you click it's icon, a menu is displayed.

You can drag a menu option on-top of any window to perform the specified operation on that window. Options are, Topmost, Non-topmost, Close Window, Terminate Window, Minimize Window, Maximize Window, Show Window Normal, Hide Window, Enable Window, and Disable Window.

There is a feature for viewing window information and you can capture a window to disk as a bitmap.

You can specify child windows, and the application can be set to run each time Windows starts.

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Winspike 1.6 screenshot

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Winspike 1.6 Winspike 1.6
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