Scratch DE 1.26b

Scratch DE 1.26b Screenshot Scratch DE is a free and useful programming tool.

Developer:   Temple Of Transgression
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Scratch DE is a free and useful programming tool.

Scratch Commands:

pause |Pauses the program
blank |Clears the output screen
end |End Program
data[~x] |Input Data for DT(~x)
if [arg1]/operand/[arg2] |If Argument
pop[~x] |Display DT(~x)
show[!/$][~x] |Show [~x] as a string ($) or a numerics (!)
goto[linenumber] |Goto a line number in the active module
array[x] |Display S(~x)
roc[x2]:[y2][!/$][data] |Same as show, but you go down x2 and space over y2
move[x4][~y] |Move value ~y to DT(x4)
call[module] |Call [module]
return |Return to the previous module
math[v][w][y10][z10][a4] |Perform a mathematic operation with y10 & z10
| then move the answer to DT(a4)
| v; m=multiply w;m=modal/remainder
| d=divide i=integer
| a=add n=normal
| s=subtract
| p=power/exponent

DT has a stack of 5001 possible numeric values (0 to 5)
S has a stack of 5001 possible string values (0 to 5)
Up to 101 modules can be open simultaneously

Referencing Variables (yes, this will be improved on)
Variable names must be 4 bytes in length
Variable files define the data on the first line.

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Scratch DE 1.26b screenshot

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