MouseClicks 1.00

MouseClicks 1.00 Screenshot MouseClicks is a free and harmless gag program which allows you to disable the left, right or both mouse clicks every x seconds.

Developer:   RJL Software
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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MouseClicks is a free and harmless gag program which allows you to disable the left, right or both mouse clicks every x seconds.

That means you could run this on your boss and disable the LEFT mouse click every 30 seconds and he would think that his mouse is broken! MouseClicks is free and completely harmless. Download MouseClicks today and start having fu

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MouseClicks 1.00 screenshot

Download MouseClicks 1.00

 Download MouseClicks 1.00

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MouseClicks is a free and harmless gag program which allows you to disable the left, right or both mouse clicks every x seconds.

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