mCube Music Manager 20051221

mCube Music Manager 20051221 Screenshot mCube is a digital music manager.

Developer:   Daniele Dellafiore
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License:   GPL
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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mCube is a digital music manager. The target is to let user manage and choose music to listen with the comfort and feeling of browsing physical compact disc and with the power of computer aided search, sort and categorization.

mCube Music Manager is a tool that organize your music collection.

mCube Music Manager features
  • Folders synchronization: add a folder to mCube Library and you never need to worry about it anymore.
  • Tagging System to build a categorization that evolves with the library and with user needs. Tag Cosmos allow you to easily navigate through your tags
  • Many different views for displaying Artists, Albums, Tracks and your Compilations. Customizable layout.
  • MusicBrainz support: mcube allows to complete album information such as track names, numbering, release date
  • Quick search box to filter all library a la iTunes/Firefox/Thunderbird
  • Edit Album Information and automatically update file tag.
  • Easy filter for different album types (Live, Sountrack...) and support for multiple CDs albums
  • Export capability, also via drag and drop, to export files to other programs like IM clients or media players. You'll never need to use File Managers anymore!
  • Play songs or albums with default system player

  • Java 1.4.2 or later

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    mCube Music Manager 20051221 screenshot

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    Authors software

    mCube Music Manager 20051221 mCube Music Manager 20051221
    Daniele Dellafiore

    mCube is a digital music manager.

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    mCube Music Manager 20051221 mCube Music Manager 20051221
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    mCube is a digital music manager.

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