Astral II 2.0.0

Astral II 2.0.0 Screenshot Protocol definitions are provided by www.

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Protocol definitions are provided by MAC address research is conducted at IP Address research is conducted at Port usage research is conducted at

The Astral II Reader is a free and reliable software that is utilized in order to correlate, identify, and simplify the astral.ini log file in a chronological and logical fashion. The Astral II Loader provides a fullscreen view of the Astral II Win32 console interface. The Win32 console interface provides a breakdown of the frames that are captured, based on protocol; as well as, a brief description of the adapter and capturing status.

Astral II works very well with SwitchSniffer, developed by SwitchSniffer allows for the capturing and routing of all the frames on a switch network. You may download the latest shareware version of SwitchSniffer from the developers web address located at

  • If you do not already have WINPCAP installed on your machine, you must download the latest version of the WINPCAP installer here. Astral II, including its components, were developed for Microsoft® Windows XP Operating Systems, but they will work properly on any Windows NT Operating System. Astral II can capture frames utilizing an Wireless, Ethernet, or Dialup adapter.

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    Astral II 2.0.0 screenshot

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    Astral II 2.0.0 Astral II 2.0.0

    Protocol definitions are provided by www.

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